Barry Kibrick Show Dolphins


When I was in California (Los Angeles) recently doing the Barry Kibrick Show (mine will air on every PBS station in America (!) sometime in late summer 2014, I believe), I had ample free time to feel just like this guy…


Once, actually, a whole torrent (can’t think of a better word for it) of dolphins appeared.

I’ve lived near the ocean and sea for ages, at different times, but never seen anything like this. I think they’re called “pods”? – anyway, seven? groups of dolphins were jumping in and out of the water as they raced south – although some seemed to be meandering, to be honest –Β  near where I stood on the beach.

My favorite moment was seeing one, gleefully, surfing a wave. He was clearly visible as if through a curved window made by the front of the wave, a big dolphin smile on his face πŸ˜€

I think, for that moment, I was feeling what he was “feeling”.

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