George Washington Television Show with George Washington’s Heir, Cultural Philosopher Austin Washington

George Washington episode of Between the Lines TV Show with Barry Kibrick and Austin Washington

Barry Kibrick, Between the Lines, with George Washington’s descendant Austin Washington: Join the fight for liberty, here. Get the book (The Education of George Washington ) here.

George Washington TV

  One half hour television show dedicated to The Education of George Washington – (the book that’s not about George Washington’s education!) On PBS beginning 2 August 2014 Below is the schedule of the original broadcast, in August 2014. If you’re reading this after September 2014, I hope to have put up clips from the […]

Barry Kibrick Show Dolphins

  When I was in California (Los Angeles) recently doing the Barry Kibrick Show (mine will air on every PBS station in America (!) sometime in late summer 2014, I believe), I had ample free time to feel just like this guy… Once, actually, a whole torrent (can’t think of a better word for it) […]

George Washington Fireworks

Independence Day

  I stayed at the home of an immigrant to America, in California, recently, when I was there doing the Barry Kibrick Show (the best interview show on earth! – mine will be on PBS in late summer 2014, I understand.) She had more Fourth of July things around than I’d ever seen before. This […]

July 4th

I get pretty annoyed when I see people who seem to believe that the point of, say, Memorial Day is swimming pools and car sales, or the point of Christmas is shopping. But before you say “I wish people would pay more respect for our nation on July 4th, rather than just lighting fireworks or […]

Austin Washington, Barry Kibrick, George Washington,

The super nice make-up lady at the Barry Kibrick show Between the Lines, C., said my photo would go, on the makeup room wall,  right next to the one of her and Oscar winning actor Kirk Douglas – as I was the first out of 500 hundred guests to pick her up for the photos […]

George Washington Television Shows

In California, doing some television shows for my book….(The Education of George Washington)  

Human Events Commentaries

Here are some recent commentaries I’ve done for Human Events Magazine (allegedly Ronald Reagan’s favorite magazine). I’ve been too busy to do some for a while, but I’ll have some more coming up soon –  Stay in touch 😀 RECENT ARTICLES What would George Washington think? Clive Bundy edition By: Austin Washington 4/17/2014 09:15 AM […]

Chuck Wilder Interviews Austin Washington about The Education of George Washington (Biography)

Radio legend Chuck Wilder interviews Austin Washington about his groundbreaking book about his great-uncle George Washington. The Education of George Washington introduces “the first documented clue to the formation of the youthful George Washington’s character.” Called one of the “most thoroughly researched books about George Washington in 200 years“, containing the most groundbreaking discovery in […]