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Cheryl C. rated it 5 of 5 stars If you are looking for a dull and dry academic biography on America’s first president, you won’t find it in The Education of George Washington. What you will find is a book that entices even those not truly interested in reading about history to pick up a biography on […]

George Washington Expert Reads “Education of George Washington” – Twice

    Dr. Theodore Crackel, the Emeritus Editor of The George Washington Papers Project at Mount Vernon, sent me an email the other day saying he was reading The Education of George Washington for a second time. When he wrote his – very kind  – endorsement of the book, I was naturally afraid he was […]

“The Education of George Washington” Review – by Jim Rees, President Mount Vernon

This lively, articulate, and humorous reflection on George Washington’s personality has some unexpected twists and turns, and the reader flips each page with a little uncertainty about where the book is heading, which is a large part of the fun. Austin Washington, with the help of the George Washington Papers project at Mount Vernon has […]

Response to Two Star Review: The Education of George Washington

I found a blogger’s review the other day which justified giving my book a 2 star review on Goodreads for these reasons. My response, below. 
Personal Reading:

What I liked about the book is that I learned new information about George Washington. However, the reason for such a low rating is this: at one point the […]

What REAL People Have to Say About The Education of George Washington –

It is very, very nice to hear what  reviewers say about book about my book – The Education of George Washington – “The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country.” Robert Williams, rooftop reviews But, in another way, there  is something amazingly cool about someone reading the book, taking the trouble to find my Facebook […]

The Education of George Washington: Reviews

Austin Washington with The Education of George Washington (biography) at Barnes & Noble - Prominent Placement for a Great Book.

The Education of George Washington is currently being rolled out, and has just been given prominent placement in 675 Barnes & Noble stores. Here are reviews and feedback that are currently coming in from around the web. Another section will be devoted to media interviews – i.e., television/radio, etc.