George Washington Expert Reads “Education of George Washington” – Twice




Dr. Theodore Crackel, Emeritus Editor-in-Chief of The George Washington Papers Project

Dr. Theodore Crackel, the Emeritus Editor of The George Washington Papers Project at Mount Vernon, sent me an email the other day saying he was reading The Education of George Washington for a second time.

When he wrote his – very kind  – endorsement of the book, I was naturally afraid he was just being polite.

But very few people read an entire book once to be polite. No one reads it a second time, unless he wants to.

So I considered that a huge compliment that he really seems to have meant what he said in his original endorsement:

“George Washington ‘meets’ Frederick, Duke of Shonberg, and finds a model for his life. This delightful and insightful book is a sometimes jocular approach to the life of Washington (the author’s great…great-uncle)…The Education of George Washington is a witty, light hearted, playful, even irreverent telling of the story. It is part theater and part history—a book that will reward readers in today’s fast-paced and attention-deficit world. It’s a very new take on a very old tale.”
– Dr. Theodore Crackel, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, The Papers of George Washington at the University of Virginia and Mount Vernon

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