“The Education of George Washington” Review – by Jim Rees, President Mount Vernon

Jim Rees, President George Washington's Mount Vernon, 1994-2012

Jim Rees, President George Washington’s Mount Vernon, 1994-2012

This lively, articulate, and humorous reflection on George Washington’s personality has some unexpected twists and turns, and the reader flips each page with a little uncertainty about where the book is heading, which is a large part of the fun. Austin Washington, with the help of the George Washington Papers project at Mount Vernon has done something brand new. He has discovered, through a document in George Washington’s own hand, overlooked by historians for two centuries, exactly how George Washington turned himself from a relatively poor boy with limited prospects into the heroic leader he became.

And about Austin, Jim Rees says:

“George Washington would consider himself quite fortunate that one of his descendants was as creative and adventurous as Austin Washington.”
Jim Rees, Emeritus President, Mount Vernon

About Austin’s Speaking, Jim Rees says:

“[Austin Washington] is the speaker I received the most compliments on in a series of talks [Austin] appeared in at Mount Vernon recently, leaving the audience educated, entertained, and even charmed.”

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