What REAL People Have to Say About The Education of George Washington –

Austin Washington

It is very, very nice to hear what  reviewers say about book about my book – The Education of George Washington –

“The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country.” Robert Williams, rooftop reviews

But, in another way, there  is something amazingly cool about someone reading the book, taking the trouble to find my Facebook page, and writing – for the world to see – that she liked it. It’s a magical feeling, and I appreciate it so much (!) Here:


I have a habit of reading only history related books and I picked yours because it promised a whole other book inside for free! TWO BOOKS! Wonderfully insightful, funny and focuses on President Washington’s extraordinary greatness because he was human.
 Yesterday at 11:12Austin Washington likes this.Austin Washington

Gee whiz, thank you SO much….

I think I spoke to ½ million or so people on the radio last week – wondering if it had an effect. How did you find out about The Education of George Washington?

I’m getting slightly bummed no one’s reviewed it yet on Amazon, goodreads, etc. Feel free (!)

Btw, I have this kind of silly – for morning DJs, really – thing I was sending to thank them for having me on. It’s not a bribe in any way – there is no value to it – but if you do put a review out there somewhere, the joy bubbling up inside me will compel me to thank you – so post again if you do (but do NOT feel pressured – your kind words here were more than enough) 

Thanks Jillian, Cheers (!)